Question 1: I cannot print anything even though my proxy settings are correct

Check if your connection to external internet is restricted by a proxy server or not or not. If you are, you may need to configure the proxy setting.

Question 2: I cannot print anything

Check if the Ricoh Print Cloud Virtual Printer GUI is running by looking for the application icon in the system tray. If the GUI application is running, check what is being printed by Ricoh Print Cloud Virtual Printer by selecting this feature from the Devices and Printers dialog. If there is any blocked job, try to cancel them and print again. If this does not succeed, consider uninstall and reinstall the application again.

Question 3: What kinds of file type are supported for printing?

The following file types are supported for printing:

Extension Description
odtOpen Office
odpOpen Office
odsOpen Office
jpgImage Formats
jpegImage Formats
jpeImage Formats
gifImage Formats
pngImage Formats
tifImage Formats
tiffImage Formats
htmlHTML Formats
htmHTML Formats
txtText Document

Question 4: Sometime I see the image was cut off?

Image cutoff

Please check the DPI of your screen, we do not support the DPI bigger than 100%.

Question 5: Do we need the external software to use application properly?

Yes we do need Ghostscript on Windows and Java SDK version 8+ for previewing the Excel file before printing.

Question 6: How do I uninstall Ricoh Print Cloud Virtual Printer in MAC machine?

We provide an uninstall script that enable you to uninstall the Ricoh Print Cloud Virtual Printer in MAC machine. This uninstall script comes with our installer. To run the script, first, mount the installer dmg file, then open the terminal and type in the following command:
sudo /Volumes/RicohVirtualPrinter/uninstall
where /Volumes/RicohVirtualPrinter/uninstall is the path to the uninstall script. The terminal may ask for sudo password, if that happens, type in your administrator password to proceed and the script will remove the Ricoh Print Cloud Virtual Printer from your MAC machine.

Question 7: What is the biggest file size that can be printed using Ricoh Print Cloud Virtual Printer?

In MAC machine, a file of any size can be printed using Ricoh Print Cloud Virtual Printer. In Windows PC, a normal word document having around 2,500 pages is the limit of how big a file can be printed. However, the actual number of pages may vary depending on how complex the document is.

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