This guide will provide a step by step walk-through on how to install the Ricoh Virtual Printer in Windows PCs and Macintosh computers.

Step 1: select the right installer

Select the right installer for your computer.

  • • For Macintosh computer: choose RicohVirtualPrinter.dmg
  • • For x86 Windows PC: choose RicohVirtualPrinter_x86.exe
  • • For x64 Windows PC: choose RicohVirtualPrinter_x64.exe
  • • For x86 Windows PC: choose RicohVirtualPrinter_x86_no_gs.exe (GhostScript)
  • • For x64 Windows PC: choose RicohVirtualPrinter_x64_no_gs.exe (GhostScript)

Step 2: Running the installer

Open and run the appropriate installer. The installer requires root/admin privilege; a confirmation dialog will be displayed if the current user does not have root or admin privilege. Accept that dialog and the below installer screen

will be displayed for Windows machine and

will be displayed for Macintosh computer. In this screen, press Next/Continue to proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Accept the license agreement

A license agreement dialog will be displayed. For Windows, the dialog will look like below picture:

for Macintosh, the dialog will be like below:

Accept this license agreement and press Next/Continue to install the Ricoh Virtual Printer.

Step 4: Installing the application

A progress dialog will be displayed as

for Windows machine. For Macintosh, the dialog will look similar to below

During the installing progress, the printer will be added to the system using some command line commands or scripts. This results in command line screen will appear occasionally.

Step 5: Restart the machine

When the installation succeeds, the installation complete dialog will be displayed. For Windows machine, below dialog will be displayed:

for Macintosh, below dialog will be displayed:

Select restart option to restart the machine to complete the installation process.


  • • The printer is added to the system using Windows built-in script, the installer could not determine whether the scrip fails or not, and always results in installation complete dialog. If this happens, please remove the application after installation.
  • • The installer will not request to restart in Macintosh machine, however, it is advisable to restart the machine.

Step 6: Verify the installation

If the application is installed successfully, a printer named Ricoh Print Cloud Virtual Printer will be added and displayed in Devices and Printers section in Windows machine or Printers and Scanners section in Macintosh machine.
A shortcut similar to will also be added to the desktop as well as the system tray.

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